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How to measure a traction battery complete in DIN tray

Battery Information

  • Dimensions
  • Voltage: DC Voltage = the number of cells x 2 (example: 12 cells = 24Volt)
  • Cable length and position
  • Plug type and colour

Equipment information (Forklift etc.)

  •  Manufacture / Brand
  •  Model Number
  •  Serial Number
  •  Battery compartment dimensions

How to measure your battery

  • Length - From one lifting tab to the other, across the width of the forklift
  • Width - From the front to the back of the forklift
  • Height - From the bottom of the tray to the top of the tray (overall height)


Cable Length and position

Measure the length of both the positive and the negative leads to the plug

Plug type

  • Plugs will only fit the same size and colour
  • Normally the plug states the part number embossed on the plug, however, to be sure you can send a picture to one of our representatives and they will be able to help.

If you require assistance with measuring your battery, or finding the correct battery type get in touch with us.