Lucas Motive Power

Premium Performance from a brand you can trust


Motive Power


Lucas Cells & Batteries is the most representative solution portfolio offered to our customers in the Material Handling industry.

The Motive cell design, state of the art production equipment and premium quality materials provide high end performance, excellent reliability and long service life.

Lucas Motive cell ranges, fully comply to the DIN/EN 60254-2 standards and are available both in DIN and BS dimensions, ensuring full compatibility and flexibility for all battery applications.



  •  Available in every voltage and cell arrangement

  •  Fully plastic coated steel containers

  •  Insulated bolts and connectors increasing user safety and simplifying maintenance

  •  Suitable for all applications from light to heavy duty


Product Specifications

  • Manufactured on the best in-class equipment

  • Solid design for long life in tough conditions

  • Fully controlled production process

  • Uncompromised use of raw materials


A UK brand you can trust


Lucas brand


LUCAS; a brand name synonymous with quality and excellence. Lucas supplies a wide range of stored energy products, from industrial, automotive through to aerospace, that deliver outstanding quality, reliability, and durability.

LUCAS products use only modern infrastructure, continuous innovation and excellence, developing reliable battery solutions.

The LUCAS brand has gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistics.